For those who turn passion into their job, Nordica Sports is the best partner.

Nordica sports team will help you manage risk effectively and arrange cover based on your specific needs. With significant depth of knowledge and experience across the sports industry, we can tailor innovative solutions for you.

We are able to understand the professional and personal needs for those who devote their life to their passion, often far from their home country.


Nordica Sports will assist you

  • to actively manage your savings and future liquidity needs to safeguard your level of lifestyle 
  • to select the best investment opportunities offered by international financial institutions
  • to protect you from unexpected professional risks
  • to ensure for a tax efficient management of your assets considering your financial domicile
  • to assist you finding a new home
A dedicated team with an international presence   Nordica Sports will support you in every aspect of your life and it is important from the start to think about a wealth in the future that will allow you to reap the benefits of today’s efforts and achievements.