International Health Insurance

Consumers, private or corporate, are playing an increasing role in managing their healthcare and that is why we have made it our task to help our clients protect their health by giving advice on suitable health insurance products.

We offer individual and corporate clients a variety of health insurance plans. Health Insurance plans are designed to provide not only for the financial worries that may be faced but also to include a wide range of benefits that will provide peace of mind.


International Travel Insurance

The many physical and environmental changes encountered during international travel can result in unwanted health and financial consequences.

Key factors in determining the risks to which travellers may be exposed are:

Due to these risk factors every international traveller should get a travel insurance that covers the expenses in case of illness and medical evacuation. Travel insurance covers multiple trips during the entire year or one single trip. Travel insurance normally offers the same benefits as a International Health insurance.

No matter where you work, live or travel, Nordica will find an insurance that meets your needs in every detail.