Nordica Benefits

The benefits of investing offshore include asset protection, portfolio diversification, and potential tax advantages. Offshore investing can also be one of the most effective ways of transferring financial assets to family and dependents.

Tax Efficiency

Once you legally eliminate any tax depletion at the investor level, it is logical that wealth will accrue much faster. Through Nordica’s careful selection of offshore insurance carriers, you can also legally eliminate any tax depletion at the entity level as well. Our insurers are all domiciled in jurisdictions that impose no premium taxes, no withholding taxes, no capital gain taxes, and no such reporting of any kind. Nordica’s objective is to offer its’ products and services in the most tax-efficient investment environment possible in the world today.

Asset Protection

Offshore life insurance policies offer a level of security not available onshore. In comparison, many U.S. States and European countries have protective provisions that are quite limited in scope; for example, they protect only against the creditors of the beneficiary. Also, not all states protect cash surrender values to the same extent as death benefit proceeds. There is also a trend in many States that creditor exemptions applicable to life insurance products do not apply to claims for alimony. Another advantage, from an asset protection perspective, is that the offshore insurance carrier is a company not subject to U.S or EU court jurisdiction.

Investor Protection

Nordica’s selection of preferred offshore insurance carriers are all domiciled in jurisdictions that have, as a part of their general insurance laws, Segregated Account rulings.

The separate account assets of a variable life insurance/variable annuity are required by law to be segregated from the general assets of the offshore insurance company and are protected from the claims of creditors of the insurance company.

Low Product Expenses

Insurance companies domiciled and operating outside of the United States can provide a wealthy and sophisticated investor access to reasonably priced variable annuity contracts and life insurance policies. These companies are not subject to the massive overheads typically associated with U.S. or EU life insurance companies, such as large distribution systems, and multiple layers of government regulations.

Investment Flexibility

Offshore insurers are less stringently regulated than their onshore counterparts and therefore these companies are permitted to engage hedge fund managers and other investment managers who employ leverage, short-selling, alternative assets and other techniques. Provided the investments meet with certain diversification requirements and the policy owner does not exercise prohibited investor control over the selection of the securities comprising the separate account, there is no limitation on the type of investments that can be held in the separate account.


Generally there are no reporting obligations for the offshore insurance company. If properly structured and by following strict distribution rules, the ownership of offshore life insurance and annuities can be accomplished in a confidential manner. Life insurance policies and annuities need not be recorded in any public records anywhere in the world. They are private contracts and not financial accounts under either U.S. or non-U.S. law; therefore their existence generally need not appear on any annual income tax return filed in any jurisdiction.


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